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Candylove707, 32, Winneba, Ghana

Sex : Man
Age : 32
City : Winneba, Ghana
Origin : African
Status : Single
Hairs : black
Eyes : Brown
Height : 172 cm
Weight : 75 kg
Children : 0
Want Children : Yes
Profession : notary
Level of study : Associate Degree
Languages spoken : English
Smoke : Occasional

Description: I define myself: I am tender, confident and charming. I am also kind, caring, honest, polite, faithful and trustful. I enjoy being funny as it is always pleasant to experience positive emotions. In addition, I like to have fun with my family and friends. I like to smile and keep people smiling. I like honesty, trust, respect, care, pampering and affection and romance, sudden and pleasant surprises in the relationships. I do not like cheating, jealousy, control and pessimism. I am easy to get along. I am a kindhearted person. I have a clear sense what I want from my future - it keeps me in positive mood as there are so many things to experience.
Search : for a girl
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Style : Relaxed
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Candylove707 Likes Cinema, Music, Sport, Reading, Travel

Last Visit 10/2018

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